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The Learning Lines Blog

This blog is designed to share ideas and experiences in online teaching and learning strategies.

We hope you will comment on our work and share your e-learning triumphs and challenges. This will help us to develop materials that are practical and relevant for you.

Ann Brady

Week 5: Personal Learning with Stephen Downes

Posted: 3 Apr 2016
This week amongst other things we were asked to give feedback about the course. My feedback is provided below.
There is a daily newsletter. The daily newsletter provides a list of Twittter updates and direction to the various resources and discussions available in the course. The daily newsletter is a regular reminder to engage with the course materials.
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Tags: #NRC01PL

Week 4 of Personal Learning with Stephen Downes

Posted: 17 Mar 2016
The most blog post that was my light bulb moment was a post by George Siemens from back in 2009. It was entitled ‘Teaching as transparent learning’. 
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Week 3 of Personal Learning with Stephen Downes

Posted: 11 Mar 2016
Week 3 of Personal Learning with Stephen Downes and we hit a technical glitch with OpenEdX. But one of our number (thanks @Fredrik Graver) created a Google Community. So another online space has come into the mix. My initial reaction was overwhelm :) … but I’m resilient and determined so I’m going to give it a whirl and add yet another environment to my PLE!
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Tags: #NRC01PL

Personal Learning

Posted: 5 Mar 2016
I’m participating in an NRC MOOC called Personal Learning (https://openedx.lpss.me) delivered by Stephen Downes and I’ll be recording my experiences and insights here throughout the course.
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Tags: NRC01PL

Manage learners in online environments

Posted: 22 Sep 2015
Join the Dots are now three quarters of the way through our Elearning for Educators webinar series with the final webinar  in the facilitation group coming up - Manage learners in online environments.

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Professional Conversations

Posted: 1 Jun 2015
I delivered a webinar on behalf of eCOP last week about demonstrating currency through professional development in Vocational Education and Training.  The session focussed on professional conversations, specifically:
- how and when we have them
- how we document what we learned, and
- how our learning becomes part of our practice. 
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Instructional design for independent elearning

Posted: 12 May 2015
Join the Dots L&D's second webinar in our Elearning for Educators series, Instructional design for independent elearning, was so popular that we ended up running it twice! 

As Marina and I reflected on the webinar we agreed that the process was an interesting and unpredictable experience.
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Blended learning design

Posted: 25 Nov 2014
I recently delivered a webinar on behalf of eCOP about my experience of blended learning design.  The session discusses how technologies, models, theories and other factors influence decisions made during the design process. 
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Webinar Tips and Tricks

Posted: 11 Jun 2014
I recently delivered a webinar on behalf of the National VET Elearning Strategy in which I discussed a range of strategies to engage learners.  Below is a short version of the webinar (about 15 mins).
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Seeking help with validation of TAE Double Diploma

Posted: 10 May 2014
Seeking help with validation of TAE Double Diploma 

We are interested in connecting with Cert IV TAE qualified trainers/assessors and VET professionals to validate online assessment tools from the TAE Double Diploma.  Also happy to reciprocate with your tools.
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