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Week 5: Personal Learning with Stephen Downes

Posted: 3 Apr 2016
Week 5: Personal Learning with Stephen Downes
This week amongst other things we were asked to give feedback about the course. My feedback is provided below.
There is a daily newsletter. The daily newsletter provides a list of Twittter updates and direction to the various resources and discussions available in the course. The daily newsletter is a regular reminder to engage with the course materials.
In relation to interaction, it's an effort to read what others are saying and respond as well as keeping on top of core materials provided in the course. In spite of the fact that I understand that the key to successful learning in a MOOC is interaction and engagement with the others and their ideas I’m finding that the course is taking second place to other commitments I have at the moment. Advice and support from the course facilitator is provided in the weekly instructions, videos and reading, and from my perspective there is enough guidance, the rest is up to me. 
Direct and individual feedback from the facilitator is minimal but may correlate with my own level of engagement - you only get out what you put in after all. Particularly in this past week I have been absent due to other commitments. What I like about the Personal Learning concept is that I can dip in and out, choose which materials to engage with and do spend time reflecting, but mainly privately.
I really enjoyed the conversation between Stephen Downes and Helene Fornier. It was an effective way to recap the development of the MOOC and the list of research was particularly useful. In fact generally, the thing I enjoy most about the course are the videos and hangouts that Stephen shares each week. I’m in Australia so attending the hangouts live is not possible, nevertheless they definitely provide a ‘human’ touch to the program. I like their informal nature. I like that they are not perfect.
I’m less interested in the technical aspects of the course, and consequently I did not dabble in the LPSS environment, but I’m very interested in the concept of adaptive design so the discussions about the system and its capacity to enable learners to aggregate their learning for the purposes of employment was interesting. 
Tags: #NRC01PL
Vanessa Vaile
Many are the ways of aggregation and engagement with material. They will or should extend beyond the course. Competing commitments in your personal learning environment are potential pathways between course and not-course domains. Connections.

There's no denying it can be overwhelming, at best an ongoing juggling task
4/04/2016 12:26:20 AM

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