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Week 4 of Personal Learning with Stephen Downes

Posted: 17 Mar 2016
Week 4 of Personal Learning with Stephen Downes
The most blog post that was my light bulb moment was a post by George Siemens from back in 2009. It was entitled ‘Teaching as transparent learning’. 
It's not online anymore so I'll briefly explain. It referred to the process of writing a blog post to seek comment, and then furthering your ideas as a result of those comments. Part of the concept was that as a result of these interactions - the original blog, the comments, the replies to the comments – ideas were shared and developed, and as that happened the role of the educator (the original post writer) and the learner (who made the comments) became interchangeable.

The post helped me form what has become my educational philosophical position – it’s about equality between educator and learner and an understanding of the role of the PLE in life long learning.

Today I’m reading the transcript of Stephen Downes’ presentation about Personal Learning Environments.

Stephen is expressing the same sentiments...

“I need to explain to them [ my employers ] how it is that I’m learning things when I’m presenting things to people like you in Finland. But, what I need to tell them is that I need to be able to talk to educators, and not just that, to talk to people in the community, to find out what they do, how they learn things, how they make a living, how they get by in their day to day lives. “

It’s an extension of the same concept, but it takes the concept out into the real-time world rather than just online. He goes on to say…

“Learning a discipline is not learning a collection of facts, it is a total state. And when we’re looking at learning outcomes, because it is a total state, it’s obtained through an immersion into an environment, rather than in an acquisition of particular entities. It’s expressed functionally. “Can you perform as a geographer?” rather than cognitively “Can you state geography facts?”

I want to replace the word geographer with the word educator. To perform as a 21st century educator I need to be immersed in different educational environments, trying out things I haven’t tried before. It involves risk, uncertainty and it involves opportunity. When opportunities present themselves to try something new it’s important to be brave, to be prepared for it to maybe not work out so well, and then to reflect on the experience and learn from it.

This thought bubble is part of a short Personal Learning course.
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Ann Brady
Thanks so much!
22/03/2016 9:42:22 AM

Vanessa Vaile
Here you go, a link to "Teaching as transparent learning" ~ courtesy of the Wayback Machine, https://web.archive.org/web/20120111004351/http://www.connectivism.ca/?p=122
19/03/2016 3:35:44 PM

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