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E-learning Projects

Lycette & Associates
Learning Lines helped us move our face to face training in Finance for Housekeeping Managers to a facilitated online training program.

We initially met with Ann to discuss the possibility of developing our current face to face training workshops to go on line. Ann has successfully assisted us in putting together a submission for the NSW government to gain a grant enabling us to get the finance for this project.  Ann has proven to be invaluable in the process, she has incomparable depth of experience and extensive knowledge of elearning and her integrity as well as her comprehensive reports and  timely input have been extremely important in helping us meet our targets.

I would highly recommend Ann’s services to any company wanting to develop Elearning as part of their portfolio and would be delighted to provide more detailed information regarding the results generated from Ann’ s excellent input.

Liz Lycette, Director
Bovis Lend Lease
Learning Lines was utilized in our project for their expertise in developing e-learning resources and specifically the electronic learning management environment.

Bovis Lend Lease (BLL) is one of the world’s leading project management and construction companies, using industry best practices when working with clients to create high quality, sustainable property assets.  Last year (2010) BLL partnered with Sydney Community College to map our existing internal staff Environment, Health and Safety competencies to the qualification of Certificate IV in OHS through a guided online RPL process.  This project was funded by a Federal Government grant under the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.

Ann Brady provided the following services:

  • Designing  the online environment
  • Developing the RPL resources e.g. Learner/Facilitator Guides
  • Coaching the learners in a face to face introductory session
  • Responding to any technical issues from participants and assessors
  • Developing a discussion forum as the central communications method with learners
  • Reporting on the project at key milestones and participating in audits
  • Evaluating and reviewing project outcomes
  • Preparing project finalization and output materials
  • Presenting, on behalf of the project team, the outcomes at the Australian Flexible Training Framework “2010 sustaining e-learning” conference in Sydney
The feedback from participants identified the benefits and highlights of the project as:
  • Easy to use customised process
  • Simple technology
  • High level of support.
The project was very successfully completed with all targets met. BLL experienced a very productive and collaborative relationship with Learning Lines, and Ann in particular, and look forward to working with them again in our planned future endeavours.
Cath Brokenborough, Environment Health and Safety Manager
Australian Institute of Management
Ann Brady has been an integral part of the two projects funded under the Australian Flexible Learning Framework for the Australian Institute of Management NSW & ACT TCL.

Ann Brady has been an integral part of the two projects funded under the Australian Flexible Learning Framework for the Australian Institute of Management NSW & ACT TCL. Ann advised us on strategy, planning, budgeting, technology, learning and assessment design and promotion. She produced resources, trained team members and generally made it easy for us to succeed. I found Ann to be dependable and professional at all times.

Karen Lee, Team Leader - Curriculum
Adult and Community Education Unit
With the adult learning, e-learning and technical skills of Ann and Learning Lines we have developed and delivered an exciting blended delivery solution that can meet the needs of a target audience that is time poor and/or must travel long distances to training venues.

The audience has included staff and volunteers of the NSW State Emergency Service, adult community college trainers and disability service workers.  Ann’s know-how, range of skills and knowledge and her patient and practical approach has made her an ideal team leader for introducing technology that was new to trainers and learners alike.  All the team has learned a lot from working with her and participating in her workshops.

Kathryn Couttoupes, Project Officer
Sydney Community College
Sydney Community College has had a successful relationship with Learning Lines extending back over 24 months.

Prior to this relationship, the College worked with the Learning Lines Principal, Ms Ann Brady over many years.

Of the numerous projects the College worked on with Ms Brady, our recent cooperative Flexible Learning Framework Project which matched our education management expertise, the knowledge and experience of an Occupational Health and Safety Consultant, the needs of the client, Bovis Lend Lease to train site Supervisors flexibly and cost effectively and the deep experience of Learning Lines in developing an online assessment solution. This exciting project delivered qualifications at Certificate IV level with an unprecedented 95% success rate. Much of the success can be attributed to expertly designed user interface and support provide by Learning Lines to the learners involved in the project.

Sydney Community College is happy to recommend Learning Lines as an expert partner in online assessment and assessment design.

Garry Traynor, Principal
Club Managers Association of NSW
I engaged Ann to manage the development of our new e-learning capability and was delighted with her ability to drive the project to its desired outcome.
Ann is a well organised person who worked well with the team tasked with the development of five different nationally accredited units. The units are now up and running and the student feedback has been excellent. I commend her to you.
Ralph Kober, Asst Executive Officer
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